Equiped climbing routes 15 - 90 m in two climbing sectors.

ZALA A-1(15-28m) - On Lukovo riva, half way between two piers, follow concrete path(keep left), follow gravelly path near sea for 300 m to Zala bay - 5-10min

1.Jutranja 4c - 15m
2.Vrša 5b - 15 m
3.Lukovo express 6a - 22m
4.Triassic park 6c - 22m
5.Jurassic shark -5c -22m
6.Gondwana 5c - 28m
7.Against the gravitiy 5c - 25m

ZALA A-2 - Around the corner.

1.Cape Malta - 6b - 33m

GRIVNJAČA - At the first serpentine (water tank) on foot straight ahead to the highest wall that is facing a road. (Helmet, Slings, 70m rope, descent - on foot follow the ridge in sea direction (8min) and find a path to Lukovo (5min)

1.Čobanac, 1.P: 4c, 2.P: 6a, 3.P: 4c - 90m
2.RomaNicky, 1.P:5a, 2.P:5b, 3.P:5c - 90 m
3.Napokon, 5c - 90m


Take our kayak and explore hidden bays and small beaches on your own power.


You can rent a speed boat and explore islands around Lukovo. Boat leader license needed.


Lukovo sea wildlife diverse and rich. Ticket is a must! You can buy it in Senj on the adress: Obala dr. Franje Tudjmana 6, 53270 Senj.


Around Lukovo there are paths with beautiful views:

  • 10 min Malta cape
  • 10 min to chapel with beautful view on Velebit channel
  • 30 min to abandoned village Panos
  • 90 min to village Biluča

Nearby attractions


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