Goli otok is a historic sight situated 20 min from Lukovo by boat. Between years 1946 and 1963 it was a political prison, later a regular prison. It was closed in 1988 and from 1989 on it is opened for tourists. You can arrange for a full day trip to Goli otok at one of the tourist agencies in Senj.


In Jablanac you can visit a true mountain lodge, that used to hold the record for lowest placed mountain lodge (situated at only 20 m over sea level).


Zavratnica is one of the nicest bays in northern Adriatic. It is located only 1 km south from Jablanac. Access it by a stone paved walkway carved into a steep cliff.  The bay lenght is 900 m, its width is between 50 to 150 m.

In 1978 Zavratnica was pronounced Unesco heritage as a part of Velebit national park.

During WW2 a german battle ship was sunk in the bay which nowadays represents a challenge for divers.


National park Severni Velebit is placed on the UNESCO world biosphere reserves list and it offers plenty of opportuinities to spent your holidays actively in the untouched nature. The park is a 30 min car drive away from Lukovo.


National park PAKLENICA

Paklenica is a national park with a more-than-50-year-old climbing tradition. Its name comes from the name paklina, which is a blak oak reisin, used in ship manufacture.

Every year the park recieves around 100.000 visitors, mostly climbers from all over Europe. Their excitement comes from the fact that the park offers more than 400 equiped climbing routes  of different lenghts and difficulties. 

National park also offers plenty of activities for non-climbers, with its 150 km of hiking routes leading up to different peaks of the Velebit mountain range, two mountain huts and a cave called Manita peč. Paklenica is 98 km south from Lukovo.


Plitvička jezera are the oldest national park in the southeastern part od Europe and the biggest national park in Croatia. They are also placed on the UNESCO heritage list. National park is a perfect family daytrip, located 82 km from Lukovo.



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